Remote Viewing Session - Image Set 5 - Nat Bradley - Video Sound Art



Remote Viewing Session - Image Set 5

A fascinating series of snapshots with an
interesting sequence.
Not a free association.
It seems purposeful.
I hear. I sense it. I hear it.
Some sneaking behind the building.
It is a small chrome sculpture of a fist.
A rapid heart rate.
A surface texture.
Pipelines, trees and a forest floor.
A scared and dazed young man.
Adrenaline filled eyes and cold sweat.
Overwhelming body order.
A shed filled with broken parts from a motor bike.

A large city now.
A construction scene.
Busy bodies look in disgust.
Not another high rise.
Blue work suits
Men climb the metal scaffolding.
A small figure of a Hula dancer stuck to a car dashboard.
Expired parking meter.
The car is parked on the street.
Outside of a subway station.

I am listening to the amazing Donavan song
Sunshine Superman.
Enchantment and full belief of intention.
It can happen both ways.
A good head space.