A Culture Full Of Venom - Nat Bradley - Audio Video Art


“A Culture Full Of Venom”

So far down
Low to the ground
Beneath the ground
A burial mound
Something so inhuman
Beyond death
A relational touch with nature
Stomp down on the black earth
Fertile soil
Animals decompose
Plants breakdown
Flowers wilt
Something so sick just oozes
A flash of light and we reappear
In a new dimensional plane
A new space
Factory floors in Asia
Clothing from Indonesia
Microchips from Korea
A radical state
xUSAx absurdity and perversi0n
Sick po1itical parasitical vultures of death
A culture so full of venom
So hypnotized
Burning chi1dren
Flames lick the black sky
Night-time pediatrics
St0len narc0tics
C0ugh syrup, dec0ngestants, and animal tranqui1izers
Here is my fuck1ng ID and insurance card
Satanic medical assistant
A beautiful set of t1ts with
Ruby red lips
Sexua1 pervers1on
Lost video tapes in a storage unit
Travel from person to person
Mind to mind
State to state
Like a vira1 sickness
I wish to remove myself
Right now
I wish to remove myself