A Note To Self - Nat Bradley - Video Art



I’m so bored

Iggy Pop was once bored

You old fuck

It is not cool just because it is not cool

Get real today

I am bored

Why in the fuck would I take advise from you

Do not ever tell me again in a fucking count down why something is great

You are an idiot and complete fucking imbecile 

Do not ever assume to be my fucking guru

Stop it

No more 

I am so bored 

Of your current hot topics

Of your political activism

Of your medication, meditation and fucking yoga

Your veganism

Your nihilism 

Your Spiritualism

Your Satanism

It is not halloween or a fucking Tim Burton film

No more fetishes

No more Nietzsche

No more Jung

No more Freud

No more conspiracies

No more news

No more movie reviews on fucking Patreon

No more environmental activism

No more podcast

Please stop with the fucking Kickstarters 

No more

No more nostalgia

No more greek philosophy or myths

No fucking memes

All of your spiritual awakenings

All of your talk of biology and evolution

Science and mathematics 

It is all so predictable and fucking boring

No more back to nature bullshit

Stop quoting other people

Stop quoting other people

Stop fucking quoting other people

Come up with your own fucking ideas

No more world politics

No more art movements

No vintage fashion

No futurism


Psychotherapy or



No fucking more