An Index Of Secrets - Scene 3 - Extended Communications - Nat Bradley - Video Art


The film “An Index Of Secrets” will be released as a series of scenes weekly on Instagram and YouTube. Upon completion, the scenes will be compiled into a full-length film.

Scene 3
Extended Communications


Mission Journal Day 1046.
Extended Communications Specialist, Lucian 1963.
I’m running more experiments today with Veronica 195-b.
She is re-docking at the TeleNexus Outreach Station.
Veronica is great to work with.
Smart, dependable, and even a little bit funny at times.
A good sense of humor.

The way the space station is designed, the staff are unable to occupy a module simultaneously.
It could affect the integrity of the experiments.
At least we have an audio / video feed.
It helps.
This way we don't feel completely isolated.