An Index Of Secrets - Scene 5 - TeleNexus Outreach - Nat Bradley - Video Art


The film “An Index Of Secrets” will be released as a series of scenes weekly on Instagram and YouTube. Upon completion, the scenes will be compiled into a full-length film.

Scene 5
TeleNexus Outreach

Female Voice On Intercom -

“Crew 197, please report to loading dock C.”
“Silicone and micro processor shipments have arrived, one hour security shutdown for scanning.”

Lucian -

Mission Journal Day 1047.

It is so different now that the space programs are exclusively funded by the old tech billionaires.
Once they left their bodies and merged fully with technology, the mission objectives became so specific.
I'm not sure why they even bother with the physical world outside of maintaining and keeping secure the computer servers.
It's like playing a game from within a game.
Perhaps it is just their nature to be this way.
I suppose immortality comes at a cost.
It seems they retain a type of consciousness, but it's a different kind of consciousness.
With these new synthetic hybrids, perhaps they intend to traverse between the two worlds.

I would think that is exactly why they’re funding this mission: experiments in telepathy—human to human, synthetic to human, and technological to human.

This mission also serves the ongoing search for extraterrestrial intelligent life forms.