Apparition at Dusk - Jess Parnell - Nat Bradley - Video Art

Apparition at Dusk

Visuals by @jess_parnell_arty Sound by @natbradleyart Jess created the visuals at the hour of dusk when the veil between conscious waking life and unconscious sleeping life thins and the dream speaks. The liminal space. All of the sounds you hear I created using only a voice recording Jess sent to me. In the recording she tells me about a dream she had. No other sounds of any other kind used. Only her voice deconstructed, processed, and arranged. The conceptual idea behind the score is that of a subconscious mirror. The message is reinforced and amplified through a loop, a feedback system creating resonance. We also talked about this "apparition" as a "transient being", perhaps through time and space. She could be a hitchhiker, shapeshifter, alien or time traveller.