Choice And Selection - Nat Bradley - Video Sound Art


Choice And Selection


I love the new dress

so bright and fun

it thrills me to see

It's not just about the dress itself

although it is wonderful

it is the expression it represents

the choice made

providing an inner happiness

a desire to be happy about something, anything, anything at all

It says “this is me”

expressed through something pretty, colorful and thoughtful 

manifesting your essence through your choices

It is the art of being

embracing the act of selection and embracing your own uniqueness

In this seemingly ordinary and mundane act lies something so simple yet so complex

a beauty that radiates outward


This one came to me as an odd idea. I was thinking about women, the selection of clothing and the amount of thought that goes into appearance. I also thought about Quasimodo and John Merrick the Elephant Man. These tragic men. They can see beauty and fall in love but no matter what words they say, women will always be repulsed. Heartbreaking.