Creative Affirmations - Mind Model Development - Nat Bradley


Hello Dear Friends

I am starting a new series

Thought and imagination prompts
Process and mind models

An unstable narrator
A locus of control
A visual ideogram
Non local transmissions

Working title
“Remote Viewing Sessions”

Here are the mental affirmations I will refer to
Perhaps these will work for you also

Something so true
Something innate
Release all negativity
Play with the model
Touch it
Develop it
Create a relationship with it
Make it meaningful
Attach all emotional elements to it
Gaze at it
Stare at it
Push yourself into it
Believe it
Mirror it
Reflect it
Love it completely
Never ever entertain anything else
Idealize it
Worship it
Embody it
Become it
Be it
You are,
A reflection of yourself
Your ideas
Your thoughts
Your focus
We are a mirror of our own thoughts
Pick a perfect model
Hold it in your minds eye and focus
Bring it into you
Become it fully
Let it impregnate you
Grow it
Nourish it
Believe in it
See it fully
Let it fill you with a deep love so bright that it eclipses all else
Let its true power radiate over you and submit completely
Be at one with the beautiful dream