Debra The Honeytrap Blackmailer - Nat Bradley - Video Art - Episode 11



Episode 11


Debra has been hired by a foreign country to get some discriminating info on our Golden Boy.

Debra is a honeytrap blackmailer.

Since acquiring VulterTech, the Golden Boy has become a big time target.

His sexual leanings, let’s just say go towards the exotic.

Debra receives her instructions via computer laptop.

Hello Debra, here are the instructions and prompts.

Main stakeholder
Dilated pupils
Increased heart rate
Textbook illustrations
Blueprints of classified aircraft
Digital audio video recording devices
Language coach
Perfected accent
Full backstory committed to memory
Undercover operatives mingle with the locals
Build relationships
Await the mark
Hotel rooms
Taps and video
Some really sick sexual activity
Solid blackmail materials
Payment sent
10k in various gift cards
150k spread across crypto accounts
Burner phone
Fake passport