Exposed Inner Dialogue - Nat Bradley - Video and Sound Art

Exposed inner dialogue
I have to keep going down this lane
I cant help myself
I am laying in bed next to an open window
5 am / no sleep
Lucky me
Birds are going
Ancient dialogue
I think I understand the patterns
Some other language
So beautiful and wondrous
Like some hive mind formation or thought process working in a unified state
A connection point of smart logic
One leads and the others chant on in the background
I imagine a fire
Sticks and a giant red flame torching upward
Ancient animals and primitive people glowing in the moonlight and fire
So beautiful and so ancient
So in tune and vibrating like one big spark shooting off in some cosmic super mind
Something I do not intellectually grasp but is a type of felt understanding
Singing returns, a sound forming from source like some chaotic logic
Black soil, hive mind, feathers flame, natural disasters, frame style, in picture, frame trigger, fire, like a blaze, some hammer against a steel or iron surface,
Get down real low and smash the fucker with everything you got

I just cant feel this modern world right now
I keep tapping on this screen and the letters are being put straight down, to become like a thought thing heavy. Jolt, custom head garb like an exploding sun head dress holding a snake high up firmly in her hand. Feminine rattle bite and blood dread and buckets full of venom and blood pores down marble steps into some pantheon of magical fever and high temperatures, and fever, and a white robe, and fever, like jolted from this form into another form, into another form, reverberating off. Some dinosaur bones and bird heads on human bodies, arms raised and pointing upward.

Where is this all coming from
A frontier?
The bird sounds are starting to dissipate
Just when things were starting to get better
But it is totally cool - all under control
In some weird way I feel better and more optimistic than ever
Birds are back. Juicy little squeaks
The same kind I have been making on my synthesizer
Some kind of deep and intuitive ancient thing I don’t intellectually understand which is the whole point isn’t it?
Another completely different form of very alien communication