Gina And the Golden Boy - Nat Bradley - Video Art


Gina And the Golden Boy
As reported by John

Well, there he is, a real bad actor
I keep seeing everyone fall for the script over and over.
He inherited a not so small fortune from his father.
His father had a company in the 1970s selling travel insurance.
He invested the profits well, turning 10s of millions into 100s of millions in only 2 decades,
Gina, she was the classic trophy wife that shot out our golden boy as a trap.
It works every time.
She played him totally.
Kind of impressive really.
She came from nothing but was a real quick learner.
One of the most naturally beautiful women.
Truly blessed esthetics.
She observed and kept her reputation clean.
Fabricated a whole story and practically inserted herself overnight.
A gifted actress.
Oscar worthy performance.
She earned every penny though.
Harold was a bore and on top of that super embarrassing at times.
Socially clueless but a shrewd businessman and a whiz with numbers.
Beach front property was a perk for Gina as she loved the ocean and like to mingle with the wealthy locals.
In a way I kind of dig her.
She imagined a future for herself and just went for it.