John’s Story - The Reporter - Total Panic - Nat Bradley - Video Art

Character development.
Experimenting with different voice processing.
I try to make it sound like someone else’s voice speaking.

John’s Story - The Reporter - Total Panic Attack

A crazy day filled with psychosis
I was awake until 5am and awake again at 8am
Cup of coffee
Checked email
Looked at - ignored - my mind started swimming
Vision also
So many drinks to dull the intensity the night before
Lack of sleep provides such an uneasy and surreal landscape
It is so fucked up I wish to hug the walls for any type of comfort
Impossible to navigate

Real world stuff
Grocery store
I feel myself on total breakdown
The check out clerk and bag boy see it completely
I try to snap myself back into some coherent state
Little success, they totally see what is happening
The thought of dropping straight down to my knees in the cereal aisle
Below the shopping cart squirming like a maggot while the subhumans view in disbelief and amazement
It is verging on a total freak show

What the fuck
A total nightmare in the real twilight zone
I do not feel this is at all worth the complete psychological torment
But I am committed to being an honest reporter no matter what the personal cost.