Reasons Why I No Longer Play The Guitar - Nat Bradley. - Video Art



Reasons why I no longer play the Guitar

Let us talk about nonsense shall we?

Gifter grifter young motivator, that killer T Rex song
Bang A Gong
No not that one
20th Century Boy
That’s the one

That riff dropped straight down from heaven and landed onto the fretboard

I wonder
Why not me?
I am a better painter than Lennon or Bowie
I play guitar much better than Picasso
Even the old dude playing the blue guitar
I can’t hear a fucking note can you?
Could they copy me?
Would they copy me?
Not a fucking chance and why would they even want to?

But I write the songs that make the whole world sing as I slam together some more images in photoshop

This whole musical piece I just did sounds so far removed that it is probably incomprehensible
It is like handing a monkey an encyclopedia and expecting it to just start fucking reading it
I don’t even understand it
The wrong language, it doesn’t speak to anyone, failed experiment
Only posting to get it out of my system once and for all
I hate it, why can’t I just delete the fucking thing?

It is so hard to feel annoyed constantly by everything

I feel like I am in a constant state of disappointment and boredom with the things around me including myself

Racing thoughts and more grandiose behavior

Pounding heart and electric nervous system

I am so tired of fighting my own mind

"Similar to my last post, this work represents frustration but in a different way. It also represents failure. For so long I wanted so much to be a professional musician. Over the years and decades I began to resent everything about it, especially the guitar. So much about the guitar, because of its long history feels like such a cliche. It is impossible to hear a chord or a single note without my mind expanding out to hearing thousand of songs I have heard played on the instrument. This is also about disappointment and what we do with the work we make that we are not satisfied with. I wanted to share something that I am not happy with. So, in a way, this work is conceptual. It is about frustration, disappointment, failure and being willing to share that. I do kind of dig the painting I made."