Red Gate - Landing Gear - Nat Bradley - Video Sound Art

Red Gate -  Landing Gear 

Potential dialogue and character development


Red gate -  landing gear 

A private charter plane

Tickets to a fundraiser

A small island in the pacific

I want so shove my fist straight down your throat and pull out that tiny little metal black heart of yours

This modern world

Allow me to ask you something 

I want to give you the full courtesy of being direct

Are you a person that can appreciate the suffering of the actual working class?

A grown man mopping floors and cleaning toilets

You can’t even fend for yourself

You are a boy, a fucking child 

A silly clown in a world full of predators

Predators with electric dog collars 

Can you handle yourself?

In a natural environment

Don’t you try to fucking lie to me

Your mothers apron strings

You suck on a dogs tit 

A white wig dog manicured 

Chandeliers and pearls

A remnant of a falling empire

A very silly person

A very silly person