Remote Viewing Session - Image Set 1 - Nat Bradley - Video Sound Art

Remote Viewing Session

Image Set 1



Places finger over lips

Attention and focus

All I can see are ruby red lips 

A focal point

Everything else is blacked out and completely disappeared

A gentle command, yet so powerful

Silence and attention 


All of her photos are of sail boats, beautiful beaches and oceans

Walks in foreign cities, cocktails and shopping


I will say she makes some great collages

From high fashion magazines

But they are really well done

Great use of negative space and she is so brutal cutting up the human form

No care at all for the source material

She just snips away and makes these fascinating compositions

A heavy use of black and always kind of sexy fashion images

Always ruby red lips and blonde models

Snip snip snip 

Haha it feels so weird to write about her


She has seen my art

But doesn’t follow me