Remote Viewing Session - Image Set 3 - Nat Bradley - Video Sound Art



Remote Viewing Session

Image Set 3


A deck of playing cards

An electric bug zapper


Scented candle smells horrible

I use to love smoking cigarettes 

Outside by a fire pit

He says “here are three” But are they? Three what?

Playing a game of chance with Evel Knievel

I love the look of a helmet - any type - motorcycle - astronaut  - deep sea

any type with a visor

Why this unwanted type of nostalgia that keeps forming a visual?


drift out - circle patterns  - force fields and burning matter

toxic ozone - a distressed angel appears - glowing halo -  surge of electricity -  a very deep and nauseating physical sensation

vomit - open power lines - bile - electrical cords -  barefoot 

slipping across green tiles on the bottom of a built in swimming pool

green tiles that form a mosaic of the symbols of the zodiac

His face looks like an tortured animal of unknown origin 

It’s just not funny, not funny at all