Remote Viewing Session - Image Set 4 - Nat Bradley - Video Sound Art


Remote Viewing Session
Image Set 4

It feels like a type of waiting area
A time compression
All things exist at once
She likes to pretend
I am not sure why I find that so funny
A heightened sense of sexuality
A rapid succession of images
Police helicopters fly overhead
a flood light cast down through streets and alleys
a sharp sense of fear
You can actually smell the fear
It was highly disturbing
The streets were closed down
Barricades and police dogs
a voice reads from a teleprompter
Stiff suit, real business looking
a deck of playing cards located in the pocket of his suit jacket
Wreaking breath of old school booze
an engraved flask that reads “cheers to Saint Peter”
Symbolising betrayal, regret and remorse
Apocalyptic Vatican priest
An electric black stingray, a glowing orb
Slaughterhouse photos
Slabs of meat hanging from hooks
2 women kissing each other in 1920s party dresses
Crystal chandeliers - heavily painted black walls
Something so fucking crazy and unhinged
Not at all random