Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 10 - The Detectives - Nat Bradley - Video Art

“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 10
“The Detectives”

Detective Jenkins
So this is the 2nd woman in two weeks.

Detective Reynolds
Yes, exactly the same as the first one.

There are no signs of forced entry, abus3, or s3xual activity of any kind.
The lab came back showing the same substance in her system.
It is a new type of synthetic drugg, the street name “Freeze”
In low doses it gives a numbing effect,
but in higher doses, makes the person paralyzed - “frozen”
The messed up thing is they are completely aware of everything thats happening to em.
They retain their sense of sight, sound, and feel, they just can’t move.
Once they are in this state, he poses them in varies stages of undress, photographs and takes video.

Detective Jenkins
So he is hi-jack1ng Social Media accounts and posting the pictures and video, what a sick fuck.

What is the deal with the snake?

Detective Reynolds
I’m not sure, maybe its phallic? Perhaps he just likes to see the horror in their eyes as it slithers all over em’. It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to figure out the guy is completely disturbed, but it seems organized.

After he is done with his little photo shoot, he 1njects the victim with a lethal d0se of b1each. The next day he displays his handy work on social media. In the post he refers to himself as “an artist”.

We have a suspect coming in for questioning.