Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 15 - A New Room - Nat Bradley - Video Art

“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 15
“A New Room”

Hello Carter, its Sandra.
How are things in Texas?

Good, fine. I feel like I am getting some good R&R.
How are things with you?

I’m fine Carter.

We have a new mission for you that we need to start as soon as possible.
Hopefully within the next two or three days.

We are having a viewing room set up for you there in Austin.
There will be an audio / video feed so that I can monitor and guide you through the process.

We want you to start the first session out as a blind reading.
It is important that you do not watch any type of media over the next few days.
Very important.
No TV, radio, or internet.

Are we clear on this?

Yes, of course. Crystal clear.

OK, Perfect. Just sit tight for a few days and I will be back in contact with you soon.