Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 14 - Unity - Nat Bradley - Video Art

“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 14

Detective Jenkins
I see we have another victim.

Detective Reynolds
Yes, this time in San Antonio.
It is definitely seria1.

Detective Jenkins
Same pattern as the first two.

Detective Reynolds
Yes, but this time with the drugg applied directly to the face.
Rubbed into the skin.
I am not sure why the change of method.

Still no signs of forced entry, abus3, or s3xual activity.

But it seems sexua1 in nature.

Detective Jenkins
Sure does.

Detective Reynolds
We basically have nothing outside of a profile at this point.
But we were contacted late last evening.
We are being offered access to what they are referring to as a “remote viewer”.
Now I know the department, they’ve utilized psychics in the past for cold cases.
I don’t know.
It all seems like a bit of voodoo.
But who am I to judge the methods?
I feel it’s best to keep an open mind.
There’s a whole system behind it.
There have been millions of hard earned, taxx paying, public dollars spent.
There must be something to it.
Why else keep these programs afloat?

It feels like we are just stumbling our way through the dark.
It’s probably time to take whatever help we can get.