Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 16 - Social Media Celebrity - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 16
“Social Media Celebrity”

Detective Reynolds
Well Jenkins, I’ve had a chance to talk to victim number two’s girl friend.
She confirmed that Ms. Martinez was indeed an aspiring model and was contacted through social media from a person who claimed to be a professional photographer.
So it’s the same bait he used for victims 1 and 3.

Detective Jenkins
Another potential would be social media celebrity.

Detective Reynolds
Haha, Yep, there are so many young women to prey on through these apps.
It’s common knowledge to use caution on the dating sites but when it comes to networking and finding opportunities, like these young ladies are doing, their judgment gets clouded.

Computer Forensics have pulled the direct messages and emails.
We should be receiving transcripts sometime this afternoon.
The kill3r is using an untraceable -VPN- server, so there is no way of tracking it back to a location.

Detective Jenkins
There is a good chance this individual may not even be local.

Detective Reynolds
That is absolutely correct.
He could be driving in from another state.
Hell, he could be flyin in on an airplane for all we know.
Sure can’t rule it out.

Detective Jenkins
One thing I do know for sure, the work is clean.

Detective Reynolds
Sure is.
No fingerprints, no foot prints, no fluids, no fibers, no nothin.
Forensics, they’ve gone over all three sites with a fine tooth comb, there wasn’t a damn thing to be found. Zilch.

Detective Jenkins
If this person keeps going on, from the looks of it, they probably will, all we can do is wait for a slip up.
Judging from what we have seen so far, the person is so meticulous, they may never leave anything behind for us to go on.