Remote Viewing Sessions - Series - Episode 2 - Spider - Nat Bradley - Video Art

Episode 2

Last Name - Lindsay
First Name - Carter
Viewer Receiver - #R-313
Identification Access Code Number 356-9876-001

I spent time in the military for several years.
I gained the nickname “Spider”.
This was because of what my Sergeant referred to as my “Spidey Sense”.
Like the comic book character.

Several times in the field my intuition would send a stern warning and a fast sequence of images showing expl0 s1ve devices and traps set by the locals.

It was a total shit show out there.
The intelligence we were receiving was weak and totally unreliable.
The Sarge was under so much pressure, he was having a hard time keeping it together.

One time in particular, I was asked to make the yes or no call on a potential su1 c1d3 b0m b3r.
I wasn’t happy about being put in that situation as the subject was a young boy, probably in his early teens.
I am glad I called it correctly.

After the war, I was asked to fly to Fort Meade, Maryland for an interview and series of test for a new position.

It wasn’t long before I realized what all this was about.
A woman sitting behind glass with a headset on, she held a set of ‘Zener Cards’ containing symbols such as square, circle, star, plus sign, and a wavy pattern. An Extra Sensory Perception test. (ESP)

From there the test become more advanced, eventually leading up to being recruited as a remote viewer in a top secret program.