Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 21 - Surveillance - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 21

Detective Reynolds
Well, it appears that we have new vict1m.
The post was removed from social media early this morning.
It shows a female, mid to late 20s

Now Computer Forensics, they dropped off all of the data copies and I have them here.

Now Jenkins… you and I, ah, we need to have a word.
The last picture in this little slide show, down the street, parked on the corner, I see a car and someone that looks very familiar.
Date stamped at the exact time you were doing undercover surveillance outside of vict1m number 3’s apartment.
It shows someone that looks very familiar to me, having a conversation with a well known pr0stititute and m3th head from the San Antonio area.

Now I am going to say this once and only once, no one ever need know or see this part of the footage, but from this moment on, you don’t hide another single thing from me, are we clear on this?

Detective Jenkins
Yeah, we’re clear.

Detective Reynolds
I can’t believe this son of b1tch filmed you, probably thought it was funny, he obviously wants us to know just how smart he is. Later that morning he went approximately one half mile from vict1m number 3’s apartment and committed his 4th murd3r.