Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 22 - A Hidden Room - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”

Episode 22

“A Hidden Room”



The current situation is making it so that we need to try and speed up the process. 

It is not ideal but necessary. The circumstances have become more urgent.


On the table we have provided an envelope, do not open it.

It contains the pictures of four women. 

Focus on the person or thing they have in common. 

That is the target. 


The number is 3 5 4 6 7 4 R 3



I see a downtown building. 

Like a warehouse but sectioned out in to loft apartments.

There is a service elevator.

Below it, there’s like a hidden room.

I’m seeing female forms, inanimate objects.

They are posed, like totally objectified.

S3xual in nature.

I see female 3rotic forms, nud3s, mythical statues, cold female 3rotic forms.

Like alabaster, pale white.

A store window, mannequins, displayed out.

Vintage retro 1920s party dresses and undergarm3nts.

Total submission.

It feels both feminine and masculine, like a weird interplay.

Fantasy, photographs and video files.

Store window mannequins -  personified.

Computer screens, a buzzing sound, quick flashes.

It is sent as a s3xual urge,

but its purpose is control.



OK. Let’s stop here. We will return again tomorrow and start fresh.