Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 23 - It Is A Strange Situation - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 23
“It Is A Strange Situation”

Wow, that was an experience.
Driving home after todays session with Sandra, I need to stop at the liquor store.
What in the hell was going on with the whole “lets stop and start fresh tomorrow “ business?
I just can’t get a read on her, and I’m not sure why.
It’s strange.
It is a strange situation to be in.
I always know there is more to the picture than what she is telling me, of course.
That is the nature of this job, but she keeps stopping me before the sessions feel finished.
I am not sure why I am talking to myself out loud.
Perhaps if I had a friend I could discuss things with.
I am going home.
I am going to listen to the rain and drink myself to sleep.
Perhaps I can get guidance from the twins.
They are the same but they are different
They are the sisters in my dreams.