Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 25 - Control And Identity - Nat Bradley - Video Art

“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 25
“Control And Identity”

Detective Reynolds
Well I’ve been following up on some leads generated by the remote viewing program.
It seems our p3rp is even more bizarre than originally thought.
It is starting to become clear as to why he uses “freeze” to drug3 his v1ctims.
It’s a whole orchestration where things need to be just so.
The arrangement and poses are very specific.
The viewer reported signs of some rather k1nky behavior relating to mannequins.
What a bizarre fet1sh, I guess that explains the poses and the mask.
It is totally about control but perhaps identity also.
It was suggested to check for warehouses that have been converted into apartments.
After doing a search in the Austin area, I did indeed find one, and get this,
it was originally a manufacturing warehouse for display mannequins.
Operational from the mid 1970s up into the late 80’s.

Detective Jenkins
Well thats great news, sounds like we got a good lead.

Detective Reynolds
Well it was great news, but it is currently burn1ng to the ground.
Too early to tell if it’s ars0n but it is awfully coincidental.
After things settle down, f0rensics will send a team over.
I will also obtain the names of all of the previous residents.