Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 28 - Spiraling Out - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 28
“Spiraling Out”

The last few days, things have just felt so upside down, like spiraling out.
Texas still feels so new to me and I am having trouble centering myself.
I feel like I have lost my internal locus of control.
I wish I could just take break from all of this, but I know right now, that is just not an option.
I feel like I am under a type of surveillance, and not just just bugging my phone or tracking my internet activity.
It feels mentally intrusive.
I don’t know how else to describe it.
I feel like I need to place my faith in something and my intuition is telling me to listen to the twins.
They have been with me a long time, long before any of this and the current situation.
They told me that Denise is a remote transmitter.
Who is she transmitting to?
I know the twins are a type of transmitter also.
They were telling me to keep it a secret.
A secret from who? Sandra?
I am not even sure if I can trust her or if I am experiencing a type of psychic paranoia.
Meanwhile there is someone making horrible things happen and I know it.
I feel a responsibility to help.
Somehow I have been pulled into this situation and I have to see through.