Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 29 - He Suffered A Major Injury - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 29
“He Suffered A Major Injury”

Detective Reynolds
Well, maybe it’s time we start going back through some of these boxes.
There must be something here we’re overlooking in the evidence.
Also, the report and images from forensics with the info on that warehouse fire arrived.
All of the residents are accounted for and check out fine except for one.
Nothing showing up in background checks except for one person of serious interest.
His name, John Riddle.
Former mi1itary.
He suffered a major injury.
From his medical records it appears an expl0sive device was depl0yed and completely mangled his genita1ia.
There was reconstructive surgery but it has left him without sexua1 ability.

Detective Jenkins
Well that explains why no sexua1 activity.

Detective Reynolds
Yep, It’s like the urge is there, but he just can’t do anything about it.

Detective Jenkins
Wow, oh my god.

Detective Reynolds
I know right? What horror show. I can’t even imagine it. Christ.

Well, he appears to be missing.
No human rema1ns found at the scene but there are traces and remains of some very large snakes.
Is that starting to raise some red flags?

Detective Jenkins
It sure does.

Detective Reynolds
Info shows he had a Psychotherapy appointment the day after the fire.
We'll need to see if he showed up or left any indication as to his current whereabouts.