Remote Viewing Sessions - Series - Episode 3 - Her Name Is Sandra - Nat Bradley - Video Art


Remote Viewing Sessions
Episode 3
“Her Name Is Sandra”

Now that I am part of the program, I am learning a lot.

There is a small team of us.

Sometimes we work as a group, but most days we work alone and isolated from the others.

There is woman, her name is Sandra, she provides various trainings and test.

This is ongoing.

After a few months they started to give me operational assignments.

Often, they supply the name of a target or GPS coordinates.

It is my job to track the person’s movements, take note of the surroundings, and any other details that stand out to me.

I prefer to use a tape machine as well as pencil and paper to write down and record the images and all other sensory information received.

And all other sensory information received.