Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 30 - A Public Service Announcement - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 30
“A Public Service Announcement”

Austin TV KTAN Channel 4 - The News You Can Trust.

Debbie Jones [ TV Reporter ]
This is Debbie Jones reporting live for KTAN Austin TV Channel 4.

If you have been following our news reports from the last several weeks you should be familiar with a series of murd3rs in the Austin and San Antonio areas involving y0ung women in their mid 20s.
We have received information from a very dependable source that all of these women were aspiring models contacted through s0cial media from a person claiming to be a professional photographer with contacts in the modeling and entertainment industry.

We received information late last night from a woman who claimed to have escaped from a man who fits the pr0file of this kil1er.

So as a pub1ic service announcement and reminder we are asking that everyone using s0cial media to be careful who they are in contact with.

Please use extra caution when meeting up with strang3rs who are promising things that may sound too good to be true.

Consider letting a friend know where you will be and if the situation doesn’t feel right, leave immediately.

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