Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 31 - He Left A Present - Nat Bradley - Video Art

“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 31
“He Left A Present”

Detective Reynolds
Debbie Jones, that fuck1ng ambulance chaser.
This is not information we want leaked out to the general public.
I wish I knew who the inside informant was.
I shove my size 10 and a half shoe straight up their ass.

Detective Jenkins
Well, whats done is done.
There are no good actors in the plot of reality.

Detective Reynolds
Well, you are sure right about that.
So our little mannequin lovin psych0path botched a job last night.
Reports say she went running out of the apartment in her underw3ar screaming her fuck1ng head off.
She said he took of his clothes and started chasing her around the house.
She specified seeing his mangled up downstairs anatomy, so we must be onto the right guy.

Detective Jenkins
Good God.

Detective Reynolds
I am sure by now you have seen the little present he left for us.
He stapled it up on a telephone pole outside the p0lice precinct parking lot.
I guess his inferiority complex about the girl escaping made him want to send us a clear message.

The surveillance cameras only caught a figure wearing a hooded black tracksuit. No prints. Not much to go on.

Also, the psychologist, she has gone missing.