Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 36 - A Big Shift In Method - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 36
“A Big Shift In Method”

Detective Reynolds
Well, there’s new vict1m.
This time the kil1er shows a very different modus operandi.
A big shift in method, very surprising.
This time outside in a wooded area along Lake Bastrop.
Where as before he only posed his v1ctims b0dies,
this time he t0re the poor girl to pieces.
It was fuck1ng savage.
Her 1imbs and her head totally rem0ved from the tors0.
Totally disemb0weled.
He made these separate arrangements of the b0dy parts with the mannequin parts.
Like abstract collages of g0re, spread out in a row like series of images.
No s0cial media post this time.
His internet presence has gone completely black.
Totally disappeared.

Detective Jenkins
What an animal.
There was a light snow in the area.
The ground was wet.
Very rare for this part of Texas.
There were foot prints found.
Standard issue mi1itary boots.
Not much use.
Too common.

Detective Reynolds
The remote viewing program hasn’t been sending any useful information.
It’s just pages and pages of complete non sense.
No correlation whatsoever.