Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 37 - A Complete Overload - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 37
“A Complete Overload”

Hello Denise
Hello Sandra

I have to commend you for a job well done.
You have taken John as far as he can go and have ran him straight into the red.
A complete overload.
I think we can assume at this point that he can no longer be of any use to the pr0gram.

There is really not much left there to work with.
His emotional state is on complete meltd0wn.
Like a black d0g off the leash and about to run into traffic.

Yeah, we are going to need to contain the situation and term1nate our subject before things spill out and become uncontrolled.
Let’s clean up the situation.
You know what to do.
I will tidy up things on my end as well.

Yes, I know what to do and how to handle our boy John.

OK, perfect.
Send me a message when the terminati0n is complete.

I will. Thank you Sandra. I hope you have a nice afternoon.