Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 38 - Distorting Reality - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 38
“Distorting Reality”

Hello John,
Well it appears to me that you are in a state of very little control.
I wonder how it is that you see yourself?
Maybe I can help make a clear picture for you.
The way it really is.
I think perhaps you are distorting reality.
Don’t you think?
So let’s be clear about this.
You will never be a real person.
You are not even a man.
You are just a fuck1ng thing.
A play t0y with teeth.
And I have enjoyed playing with you but now I have become bored and you are no longer useful.
Are you getting the picture John?
A clear picture?
It’s time to self d3struct and free the w0rld of your vile nature.
I know you feel me pressing your button.
Silly John.
You are so disgusting.
You are very silly, vile, and a disgusting thing.
Say Goodbye John.