Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 39 - A Reliable Source - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”

Episode 39

“A Reliable Source”


Austin KTAN TV Channel 4.

The n3ws you can trust.



This is Debbie Jones,  reporting live for KTAN Austin TV Channel 4.

Early this morning in a downtown Austin area parking garage there was a car f1re.

The f1re rescu3 team arrived too late.

Inside the car were the scorched rema1ns of an un1dentified male thought to be in his late thirties.

It has been told to us by a reliable source that camera and video equipment were found in the trunk of the car. 

This equipment may be linked to the seria1 murd3rs of at least four young women across the state of Texas that we have previously rep0rted on.

It is early in the 1nvestigation but we will report back as soon as any new information is released.