Remote Viewing Sessions - Series - Episode 4 - Two-Way Mirror - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 4
“Two-Way Mirror”

Remote Viewing Session #RVS-652-9-001

Women’s voice on intercom [ Sandra ]
Let me know when you are relaxed and ready.

I’m ready.

The woman’s name is Christine.
GPS coordinates are shown on the screen.
46.2044° N, 6.1432° E

I am seeing a city and a tall building.
There is reflective glass on the outside.
I see a woman outside - blue coat - blonde hair.
Texting - no - she is making a phone call.

Inside an office building now.
I get the feeling she is important, not just upper management.
She is someones daughter, she helps run a company.

I see an older man carrying documents.

Now I see boxes, they are being loaded into a cargo van.

They are lighting up my mind - I know these are important.
I am not sure why.

I see a field with a metallic object, a reflective object.

OK, stop.
That is all for today.

Oh, uh…alright. I’ll stop
I guess I will see you tomorrow.

I will see you tomorrow Carter.