Remote Viewing Sessions - Series - Episode 5 - We Are Having An Issue - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 5
“We Are Having An Issue “

Hi Sandra, How are you today?

I am doing well. How are you?

Good, good.
Listen, last night before sleep, I had some images appear to me,
the blonde woman from yesterday.

She was in the back seat of a car, with a driver.
Back and forth between the laptop and a phone.

Carter, we don’t want you working on cases when you are not at the base.
This information is sensitive.

Oh, OK, I understand. I understand completely.
Noted, it won’t happen again.

I know there is a lot of mental pressure and anxiety that comes with this type of work, but you should really consider cutting back on the alcohol. It can alter the information you are receiving.

There is no mission for today.

Change of scene
We are having an issue with remote viewer 3 1 3.
I think we should transfer him for a little while.