Remote Viewing Sessions - Series Episode 7 - Little Davie - Bar Scene - Nat Bradley - Video Art


“Remote Viewing Sessions”
Episode 7
“Little Davie - Bar Scene”

Well, How ya doin there Little Davie?

Little Davie
Yo man, real good.

Whatcha havin, Jack and Coke?

Little Davie
Ya man, my regular.

Yo, whats up with that freak at the back table?
Haha !
He ain’t lookin too good, he’s lookin wasted man!

Well, that guy, that guy is a real trip.
I think he works out of that little military base.
Last Thursday, he was acting crazy as all hell.
Talking bout top secret aircraft, undercover ESP and mind control
and get this, I am being serious as a heart attack….he actually said aliens!
A few army guys pulled him right out of here.

Little Davie
Naw man, you got to be shittin me!
For reals ?

What I say, you can take it to the bank.

Little Davie
Psshhhhh..I gotta talk to this guy!

Whats up cuz? Whatcha you doin moon man?

Moon man? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Little Davie
Nothin, nothin man.

Listen buddy, I didn’t come here looking for trouble.
Look, let me buy you a drink and let’s start over.

[ Little Davie rolls his eyes and nods his head in disbelief, even he knows its a cliche]

Little Davie
Alright man, thats cool.

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