The Golden Boy Backstory - Nat Bradley - Video Art


The Golden Boy Backstory
As reported by John

Ok, Let’s talk some more about the Golden Boy.
Practically raised by the live in nanny and personal assistant.
Every whim provided for.
When staff are paid to raise a child and their livelihoods depend on said child’s happiness, you can imagine how high the pedestal grows.
A young child controlling adults.
Absent parents.
Harold is always away on business, Gina often entertaining younger men in his absence.
It’s not hard to see how things turn out the way they do.

So he got coasted through an Ivy league college
He screwed over a friend forcing him to hand over a very promising tech start up.
The sun really shined on this asshole.
A gifted liar.
Running so high on ego.
A total fucking psychopath.
The worst kind.
Like the ones you read about and hope you never have to meet.

Fast forward a few years.

This tech business works with highly confidential military defense contractor documents.

The Golden Boy sometimes shares this information for large sums of money with some very unsavory people.

He is playing around with some extremely powerful individuals and countries.

He is way out of his depth.