They Hired A Spy - Nat Bradley - Video Art


They Hired A Spy

A Spy, as seen by John The Reporter


Something is going on behind the scenes.
They have hired a contractor to spy on the family.
They have it in for the Golden Boy.
It is going to be juicy.

They have planted a spy to impersonate a potential client.
The Golden Boy and this individual are having lunch and cocktails at the Ocean Grill.
John watches the lunch meeting from across the street.
He sits inside a rental car.

John Speaks

Is this a covert undercover operation from some other country or a US undercover agent?
It’s funny.
He shows his tells.
I have to wonder.
Are these purposeful mixed signals?
The timing feels convenient.
Trying to derail.
Perhaps a coincidence.
A distraction.
Attempt to throw off my game.
He doesn’t know they are being watched.
Not at all.
Just a complete idiot.
It is subtle.
Like micro movements.
There is a certain look of pride in the eyes.
When they think you are buying their bullshit.
They totally get off on the deception.
A complete fucking liar.