Valerie - Intercepted Messages - Nat Bradley - Video Art


Valerie - Intercepted Messages

Valerie has been having episodes of sleep paralysis.
Now she is afraid to sleep.
No sleep equals a lot of strange and surreal thinking.
She has been prescribed new meds to help cope.
She has a history of bipolar disorder and extreme anxiety.
The insomnia has been going on for a few months.
The nightmares started right around the time she attended her cousin Leonard’s wedding.
She got real sick that evening, she thought it was food poisoning, but everyone else was fine.
She wouldn’t tell this to anyone, not even her therapist.
Valerie had visions of being poisoned by her brother.
This is an idea she could not shake off.

Intercepted messages.
Valerie knows the truth.
She has suffered from mental health issues and her family is gas lighting her in hope to make her fully insane and incapable of telling the truth.

It was like throwing a jigsaw puzzle into the air and when the pieces hit the ground they landed completely assembled.