Valerie Knows The Truth - Nat Bradley - Video Art


Valerie Knows The Truth
As reported by John

Valerie is intellectual, introverted and a talented graphic designer.
After her father passed away last March she moved from Miami to Chicago to get away.
She has never felt a part of the family and despises their lifestyle.
She has fantasies that her brother and mother would lose it all.
Recently Valerie has stumbled upon some very discriminating information.
Gina and the Golden Boy know this and are very concerned for themselves.
If only she could play the game just right, she could end it for Gina and the Golden Boy.
She is struggling with the idea.


*** In this episode, Valerie’s backstory unfolds.
I composed a musical theme for Valerie.
Still working on the voice processing.
The combination of effects I am using makes my voice sound like a different person but it messes with the consonants making some words sound odd.
I keep telling myself it is just a Chicago accent. Haha.