Valerie Makes A Deal - Nat Bradley - Video Art - Episode 10

This is 10th Episode.

Once all episodes are finished they will be put into a sequence to create a short film.

The film is titled 

“Something So Unnatural”



Episode 10
Valerie Makes A Deal

Poor, sweet Valerie
Her mental condition has made it to where she can’t even leave the house.
It is a cycle of sleepless nights, and paralyzed days.

She is so in her own mind and has completely rejected reality.
She knows the truth and has decided to employ alternative methods.
Deep, deep thought now.

I know there is another type of existence.
Perhaps I can negotiate.
A land line connection.
A television.
A cell phone.
Come to me.
I am ready to make a deal.

Hello Valerie.
I knew you would call.
I have heard you all along.
Say the words and activate the process.
We can do this together.