Valerie’s Story As Observed by John The Reporter - Nat Bradley - Video Art


Undercover Reporting Notes

Valerie’s Story as observed by John The Reporter

Valerie is a talented graphic designer who lives in Chicago.
Recently she has been exhibiting odd behavior.
She has been working from home over the last few months.
I haven’t seen her travel outside of the basement apartment and back yard in weeks.
Every few days she will receive a delivery of pizza or groceries.
Every two weeks a delivery from the pharmacy.
Monday I noticed her in the back yard. She looked very unkept.
Hair was mess, bathrobe and slippers, dark circles under her eyes.
She has started smoking again.
It was 3 in the afternoon.
She was pacing back and forth across the concrete and was cursing out loud.
I was worried for her well being but I have clear instructions not to approach her or interact in any way what so ever.
I am to report back only what I see and hear.
I can’t help but try to piece the story together.
I have been hired to report on her Brother and Mother also.
With all of the money in their family, why is Valerie living like this and all alone?

Valerie hears voices

Why are they talking together?
I don’t trust them.
They look the same but they are different.
They could hurt me.
Things have changed, I don’t think it’s safe.
My mail is being monitored.
You can’t make me take that anymore.
I don’t think we speak the same language.
Don’t force this fucking medication on me.
Options? Talk to you? Go to the hospital?
I don’t want your fucking help.

More experiments processing my voice.
Character development.