White Horse In Flames - Nat Bradley - Abstract Video Sound Art


White Horse In Flames
A love letter to my creative intuition

Heavy breathing.
The gasp in-between words.
The sound of parting red lips and a short intense breath.
Fully electrified.
Wild intensity.
So interconnected.
As if everything else completely disappears from view.
Floating out into a black space.
Just you and nothing else.
Your scent fills me.
The feel of it all.
The cool air and flaming intensity of your voice.

Flash out in a wild a chaotic state.
Magnified attractors.
Our orbits collide.
Like the hadron collider.
It is so black and fully lit.
A silver flash across the black night sky.
Of course we both know better.
But this is a moment so full of magic and desire.
Fuck it all and let it burn in flames behind us.
So surreal and completely gone and full of flames.
You and I intertwined in a complete burning moment.
This second and nothing else.
A fire so deep and so true.
Beyond explanation.
Beyond any reasonable thought.
I hear your voice in my ear.
A conduit for the beautiful and deep creative intuition.